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Mission Statement

Solano Community College believes the student-athlete should be representative of the general student body, with like academic qualifications and the same probability of success. The individual rights and academic goals of the student-athlete should not be compromised by the desire of the college to conduct successful athletic programs. Participation in the Athletics program, while augmenting the student's formal education, should lead to the development of a more enlightened, well-rounded citizen in the community.

Integrity is indispensable to an intercollegiate athletics program, for without it sport loses its true meaning. We believe that administrators, coaches, faculty, staff and student-athletes, in concert with all members of the college community, must share a total commitment to abiding by the rules and regulations of the Community College League of California, the allied conference, and the institution, in their endeavor to be successful.

Athletics serves as a window of Solano Community College to the county and recognizes its obligation to serve as a concerned and committed partner in the county.